Living is not for the weak

We’ve had good days we’ve had bad days. But whether good or bad we can predict the forecast of our future by simply making better decisions because we can blame a lot of external things but where we are today is largely due to the consequences of our decisions. Eat healthier today and feel better tommorow, save money today a have money tomorrow, do something different today and get a different result tomorrow. Don’t wait because despite what you may have been told..time is your most valuable asset so spend it wisely. Devote more of your time to reading instead of tv or with loved ones instead of alone and start today because tomorrow isn’t a given, and life is hard but then again living isn’t for the weak. 

Will the real American serial killer please stand up

If I were to go around asking people what they thought was the biggest threat to America I would imagine the responses would range from everything from drugs to ISIS, yet what would you say if I told you that you walk past it everyday on your way to work or school. You see it everywhere, you touch it, smell it, and all too often taste it, multiple times a day and have been for every single day week after week year after year. It`s amazing how some of the most devastating things are hidden in plain sight because what im talking about is none other than high fructose corn syrup.

Now I know I’m not the first person to explore this topic and I won’t be the last but that doesn’t mean I won’t offer my 2 cents on the subject and ask you for yours and hopefully end up with a jar full of pennies…figuratively speaking of course. This high fructose corn shit….AAAHEM!! excuse me I mean syrup, is in everything yet can anyone tell me exactly what it is? The manufacturers of HFCS want us to believe that it is nothing more than an ingredient used as a sweetener no different than naturally produced sugar and it’s good for consumers because it is cost effective; however, this is far from a win-win. From what I have researched HCFS is what’s referred to as a GMO (genetically modified organism) so it should come to no surprise that it is linked to cancer, obesity, heart disease, and a whole bunch of other things that can really tarnish your “golden years” or even keep you from ever reaching them. We feed this GMO to our children because they are in their favorite cereals and I wonder if there has been any link between HFCS and ADHD. My guess would be that little Jimmy can’t sit still or stop interrupting because he was fed some ambiguous, genetically concocted substance for breakfast and washed it down with a glass of orange juice (which just so happens to be 4% juice). There have even been reports that HFCS contains levels of mercury…MERCURY. How much you ask? We have no idea how much mercury is in HFCS because of the lack of transparency on how it’s manufactured. My frustration lies in the fact that there is no regulation by the FDA when it comes to this harmful element in our foods. Why is it that they crack down on some things but allow this consistent perpetrator of all things bad into the food supply in epic proportions? What is it that I’m missing? We see how deregulation in banking panned out for the American people but perhaps this under regulation is even worse because its affecting our quality of life. Instead of sight seeing and enjoying their grandchildren you see more and more retirees frequenting health facilities and battling cancer. Ignorance isn’t so blissful anymore because this ignorance can catch up with you and it couldn’t have worse timing.

I challenge you to go to the section of your local grocery store that houses all the soft drinks and juices and see how often HFCS rears it’s disease inducing head. Look in the frozen foods section, bread section and especially the cereal and candy isles. It isn’t by coincidence so what’s really going on? And more importantly what can be done about it? I know I will be alot more selective in what I put in my body and keep in mind what may be cheap now could have very expensive consequences later on.

Thoughts? Feelings? Insight? Please speak out on what I feel is a true threat to America.

Dreams and Nightmares

When does a dream become a nightmare?
Over and over again I try to calculate when and where I went wrong. Dreams of high achievement  turned into a nightmare of  complacency. When will I wake up. Dreams of ruling the world, prosperity, health and joy transformed into poverty, resentment, cancer, and sadness. Someone please wake me up. At 8 saying that’s my house and thats my car turned into this is my one bedroom shack and this is my rugged run down 4 wheels. No alarm clocks but I need to wake up. Playing I wanna be….when I grow up becomes I couldn’t be …. because I grew up. If I don’t wake up I will be late. Dreams are the innocence of a child and nightmares are the social, societal, theological residue of the cold unforgiving world yet even within the most hardened hearts lies an inner child who sleeps wrapped in a warm comforter; fabrics made of hope, passion, desire, invincibility, and aspirations. But its up to us to awaken this child before its too late or you will abandon this child’s dream. That’s when a dream becomes a nightmare.